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These Italian-French Chemistry Days are inter-disciplinary and have established a lasting contact between researchers of the regions of Liguria and Piedmont-Aosta Valley and those in Provence-Alpes-Côte d’Azur region, in order to promote great cultural and scientific interactions throughout Europe.
This event, which takes place every two years and is organized alternately in the two countries, took place in 2002 in Juan-les-Pins, in 2004 in Genoa, in 2006 in Turin, in 2008 in Nice, in 2010 in Genoa, in 2012 in Marseille, and in 2014 in Turin, 2016 in Avignon, 2018 in Genoa and in 2022 in Toulon.
The program covers all the chemical areas, including organic chemistry and bio-organic chemistry, physical and inorganic chemistry, chemical engineering, analytical and pharmaceutical chemistry, environmental chemistry, industrial chemistry and materials chemistry.
During these days we have scheduled four prestigious plenary lectures, four invited speakers by the Conference Organizing Committee, thirty oral presentations highlighting young researchers, and about a hundred posters.
This congress is a great opportunity for all researchers, especially the PhD students who can live a truly educating and enriching experience!